UFO sighting over Swansea, South Wales on 21st July 2014

  New interesting UFO sightings photo recorded over Swansea, South Wales on 21st July 2014. Witness said: It was very hot in my bedroom so I opened the window and noticed a strange, stationary object hovering above Swansea. The object made no noise and my first notion was perhaps it was an exceptionally large bird of […]

UFO over Wales in April 2014

  Interesting UFO sightings photos recorded in the daytime sky above Wales in beginning of April 2014. Witness said. I ran inside the house to get my phone, but there wasn’t enough battery left to film it, but there was enough to take pictures, so I started snapping away. As I watched it, it split up […]

UFO appears over Wales, UK on 27th April 2013

  Latest UFO sightings – New video footage of two bright UFO lights above crop fields in Wales, UK recorded on 27th April 2013. Witness said: An amazed cameraman get the catch of his life that makes him a strong UFO believer, This amazing footage was recorded over Wales in the UK, above a well known crop […]