The Phoenix Lights with Triangular Formations & Thousands of Witnesses in 1997

  It is often remarked that no one person’s testimony can ever be considered fully reliable, especially when it concerns anomalous phenomena. But as the number of witnesses increases, the probability that all of them are similarly delusional quickly diminishes. Nowhere does this apply more than to the case of the Phoenix Lights of March […]


UFO above Cocoyoc, Mexico on 3rd November 1976

  Late afternoon on November 3, 1973, four people witnessed a UFO while travelling north to Mexico City. The passenger was the first to see it and pointed it out to her husband who was driving.


The Battle of Los Angeles with Unusual Lights & Craft in 1942

  It’s common for ufologists to date the beginning of the “modern UFO wave” to the famous Kenneth Arnold sighting of June 1947. But while Arnold’s sighting certainly marked a turning point in UFO history, it was far from the first sighting of something unusual in the sky. In early 1942, a number of unidentified […]