UFO photos

Amazing UFO sightings photos from Fairplay, Colorado on 14th December 2014

  New amazing UFO sighting photos from Fairplay, Colorado recorded on 14th December 2014. Witness said: My fiance and i were driving on hwy 285 in Colorado on are way to some hot springs for vacation.the surrounding area was very beautiful so she decided take some pictures. As she was she noticed an object on the […]

UFO over Wales in April 2014

  Interesting UFO sightings photos recorded in the daytime sky above Wales in beginning of April 2014. Witness said. I ran inside the house to get my phone, but there wasn’t enough battery left to film it, but there was enough to take pictures, so I started snapping away. As I watched it, it split up […]

Triangular UFO over Texas in March 2014

  An unexplained triangular-shaped UFO is baffling aviation experts. The mysterious craft was seen with two others above Texas by plane spotter Steve Douglass, who quickly took this picture. Aviation experts believe the photograph to be genuine and rumours are spreading it could in fact be a secret military jet. In the seconds before picking […]

Glowing UFOs over Texas on 28th March 2014

  New interesting UFO photos recorded Texas on 28th March 2014. Report: Near I-10 and FM 1463 around 6:30 tonight, here was a weird, low, dark cloud with lightning and thunder over the Agave Real venue parking lot. I got out of my car to take pictures of the dark cloud with the windmill in front […]