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UFO sighting above New Zealand on 1st December 2014

  New said: It wasn’t a bird, it wasn’t a plane – but no-one seems to know quite what it was. A sphere-like object floating high above Hamilton had residents craning their necks and scratching their heads yesterday afternoon. It was seen from Pukete to Melville but the mystery of what the object was remains unsolved. Western Heights […]

UFO over Eyrewell Forest, New Zealand on 20th June 2014

  Witness said: Hi, can you UFO enthusiasts please take a look at this please. I am from the UK travelling around NZ staying on a rural property in Eyrewell Forest, Waimakariri. At around 16:45 today my hostess spotted this object in the sky, at first i thought it was just the first star of […]

Two UFOs over Queenstown, New Zealand on 3rd April 2014

  Interesting video footage of two dark UFOs recorded in the daytime sky above Queenstown, New Zealand on 3rd April 2014. Witness said: Yes it caught me by surprise when I got the chance to view the final cut before the show went to air. I just happened to stop the footage right when these objects […]

Interesting UFO sightings seen over New Zealand on 13th July 2013

  New bright UFO sightings recorded on tape in the night sky above New Zealand on 13th July 2013. Witness said: More frames added from last nights Beautiful Sighting. I was not prepared for this,’s very cloudy with a lot of light rain. About 8pm tonight i was outside locking up, after are few minutes i noticed a […]

Amazing UFO photos from Christchurch, New Zealand on 30th May 2013

  UFO photos 2013 – Amazing UFO photos taken above Christchurch, New Zealand from Tracy Middlemiss on 30th May 2013. Witness said: Hi. Tonight I saw something that was white/silvery moving across the sky SE. It was too small and too slow to be a plane which are regulary going across my skies. I had my camera […]