UFO sighting over Curtis, Nebraska on 19th April 2014

  Interesting video footage of a small bright UFO light recorded in the night sky above Curtis, Nebraska on 19th April 2014. Witness said: A UFO Appeared in the skies of Curtis Washington this week and what makes it special is that is shoots a fast moving object right past the witnesses. Zoom, so fast that […]

UFO seen over Lincoln, Nebraska on 10th September 2013

  New amazing UFO photo taken near Lincoln, Nebraska on 10th September 2013. Witness said: The sky was in constant motion so I was taking pictures of the clouds rolling in. There were spots of showers coming down in the distance and bolts of lightening and then to the East it was clear blue sky. I […]

UFO sighting over Lincoln, Nebraska on 4th September 2013

  On September 4, 2013, many people in Lincoln, Nebraska witnessed a glowing triangle shaped object hovering in the early morning sky. A similar triangle UFO was also sighted in Lee’s Summit, Missouri just a couple hours earlier that same morning. Just before 6 a.m. on Sept. 4th, KLKN’s HD Towercam 8 gave Channel 8’s […]

Local fishermen recorded an UFO over Omaha, Nebraska on 18th May 2013

  Interesting video footage of a local fisherman that recorded an UFO while fishing over Omaha, Nebraska on 18th May 2013. Witness said: A glowing pulsating white light discends on a lake which had a few people fishing on its banks, the sighting is quite a shock to a few but this recorder stood his ground […]