UFO sighting above Belfast, Northern Ireland in August 2012

  Witness said: A video showing an extremely bright light flashing in clear skies over Belfast Northern Ireland. This bright object which could not be identified was flashing in Morse code, it stayed in the sky for over an hour, this video is separated by 50 minutes, This footage was recorded August 2012.

Great UFO sighting over Dublin, Ireland on 14th April 2014

  New amazing video footage of a great UFO sighting recorded in the night sky above Dublin, Ireland on 14th April 2014. Witness said: A new video from Dublin showing what appears to be a big UFO in the sky with green and red lighting! This great sighting is worth investigating and Garda I’m sure have […]

Flying UFO saucer over Cork, Ireland on 29th March 2014

  New amazing video footage of a bright UFO saucer sighting recorded in the daytime sky over Cork, Ireland on 29th March 2014. Witness said: Reflecting the sun the saucer spins upside down twice before stopping and reflecting its whole body above tree tops. The footage is very short as the phone was touched without knowing […]

Bright UFO recorded over Bangor, North Ireland on 20th February 2014

  Amazing video footage of a huge bright UFO light recorded in the sky above Bangor, North Ireland on 20th February 2014. Witness said: A mysterious shiny object appears on a security camera bikers garage and their movement seems to be intelligent in nature. Bright lighting the area shown on the UFO moves up and down several […]