UFO sighting over Lincolnwood, Illinois on 26th May 2014

  New interesting video footage of a dark UFO recorded in the daytime sky above Lincolnwood, Illinois on 26th May 2014. Witness said: Chilling on patio on zero gravity chair and observed a fast moving object in the sky. Could be a bird but it moves pretty fast for one. I watched the video many times […]

Many UFO lights over Illinois on 21st January 2014

  Interesting UFO photo of many UFO lights recorded in the night sky over Illinois on 21st January 2014. Witness said: On my drive to work, roughly 4 am Chicago time I saw strange lights almost immediately once I got out of my subdivision and onto a secondary road. Whilst driving west on 143 rd st. in Homer […]

Strange UFO lights over Joliet, Illinois on 5th January 2014

  New amazing video footage of some strange UFO lights recorded in the night sky above Joliet, Illinois on 5th January 2014. Witness said: Cross-like ojbect with lights appears to hover then fly slowly Im a freelance reporter for the Southtown Star. Im looking into a claim from two snowplow drivers who think they mightve […]

UFOs over Virginia, Illinois on 7th January 2014

  Latest UFO sightings 2014 – New interesting video footage of some UFO lights forming a triangle – formation in the night sky above Virginia, Illinois on 7th January 2014 at 8:30 PM. Witness said: At 8:30 pm my wife and I were traveling down Morgan st when I turned my head to the left and […]

Rectangular UFO Spotted over Glenwood, Illinois on 8th June 2013

  I was in my backyard laying on my back in a screen-sided tent texting on my phone. I noticed the object when I looked away from my phone and saw it silently making its way southeast overhead. I wasn’t sure what I was seeing when I first saw it because I knew right away […]

UFO over Cottage Hills Madison County, Illinois in April 2013

  New video footage of an UFO hovering above Cottage Hills Madison County, Illinois recorded in April 2013. Witness said: I was in Cottage Hills IL. With my best friend facing east in my friends driveway, when all of a sudden we both noticed a strange light in the the sky. I immediatly took out my […]