10 Curious Theories about Aliens

  Whether you think they’re flesh-eating lizard men or Nazis from space, we all have our own theories about the Little Green Men.┬áTake a look at the video to discover if you agree with these ten curious theories about aliens.

Cosmonaut Marina Popovich discloses UFOs

  Cosmonaut Marina Popovich discloses UFOs; To visit USA, request US Government & US Astronauts to disclose UFO/ETs. MOSCOW, RUSSIAN FEDERATION — Cosmonaut Marina Popovich, who is a Hero of the Soviet Union, holds 102 world records, is in the Guinness Book of World Records, disclosed her personal experiences with UFOs and her knowledge of […]

Investigation of UFOs

  This documentary and the rest of the documentaries presented relate to important times and figures in history, historic places and sites, archaeology, science, conspiracy theories, and education. The Topics of these video documentaries are varied and cover ancient history, Rome, Greece, Egypt, science, technology, nature, planet earth, the solar system, the universe, war, education, […]

UFO crashes in China – Spacing Out! Ep. 74

  A UFO crashed into a vegetable garden in China. That and other UFO news on this episode of Spacing Out! Stories discussed in this episode: – Vatican astronomer speaks at Georgetown – Alleged alien abductee chess president up for re-election – Bob Lazar still defends Area 51 UFO information – UFO crash-lands in China

NASA Conspiracy – UFO Sightings & Alien Structures

  Is it possible that there could be an entirely different history of human spaceflight than what the public generally believes? This presentation initially covers the bizarre encounters between Apollo 10 and the eerie “Music” heard behind the far side of the Moon, as well as the tracking of multiple UFOs that follow the Apollo […]


  Evidence of a Secret Colony on Mars has sparked the interest of UFO Researchers around the world. Recent whistle-blower revelations from President Eisenhower’s great granddaughter and others give renewed credence to the evidence that planet Mars is being prepared as a SURVIVAL COLONY in the face of imminent catastrophic events that may decimate the […]

The Great UFO Cover Up! Is Coming To An End

  On July 1947 The U.S military acknowledged they recovered alien crafts in Roswell New Mexico. Reiterating their claims they claimed the solid disc magically changed into a weather balloon. Since 1947 there has been UFO sightings worldwide. This video shows that there is something being hidden from us. We all want answers, If you […]

Top Secret Document From Einstein & Oppenheimer On UFO’s

  In June of 1947 Albert Einstein and J. Robert Oppenheimer together wrote a TOP SECRET six page document entitled “Relationships with Inhabitants of Celestial Bodies”. It says the presence of unidentified spacecraft is accepted as de facto by the military. It also deals with the subjects that you would expect competent scientists to deal […]