Daytime UFOs over Antwerp, Belgium on 10th July 2013

  New interesting video footage of multiple UFOs or orbs around a chemtrail in daytime sky above Antwerp, Belgium recorded on 10th July 2013. Witness said: Here you can see clearly how orbs are floating around a chemtrail and making it disappear. Never seen before footage. This was filmed right above my house. Look at how low the […]

Orange UFO Over Antwerp, Belgium on 18th June 2013

  New amazing video footage of a bright orange UFO while hovering in the night sky above Antwerp, Belgium recorded on 18th June 2013. Witness said: This “moon” appeared around 01:35h and disappeared again at 01:52h. I started filming the first video at 01:39h and the second video a t0 1:45h. That night you couldn’t see any stars, or the […]