Flashing Triangle – shaped UFO above Ontrio, Canada on 27th February 2017

New interesting video footage of a Flashing Triangle – shaped UFO recorded above Ontrio, Canada on 27th February 2017.

Poster said:
I pulled onto my street heading home and I noticed 3 bright lights in the sky; 2 red and one white flashing very fast. I recorded it for a few seconds from my car, until the video went out of focus, then pulled into my driveway and went inside to tell people to come look. My brother-in-law came outside and saw it as well. I started to record again and as I did it changed its white light to red and began pulsating slowly with the other 2 lights now turned off. It then flickered its lights and changed the red pulsating light back to white, continued to pulsate, and then went back to flashing again for the remainder of the time I watched. It eventually vanished from view.

What do you think about the sighting?
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  1. Ryan Stacey


    I am the Ontario Director and Chief Investigator for MUFON Canada.

    I have personally investigated this case and have spoke to the witness.

    We canvassed the area and discovered that this was a drone from a near by cul-de-sac.

    This is not a UFO.

    It has been officially identified by MUFON Canada.

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