Great UFO sighting over Great Britain on 23rd March 2017

New interesting photo footage of a UFO sighting recorded over Great Britain on 23rd March 2017.

Poster said:
Got done feeding my little one and I glanced out of the window in our dark dinning room and saw what i thought was a bright star but when looking at it more closely it was pulsating different colours so i went out side and did a few zoomed in pictures went back in and zoomed in on those and well i have never seen or heard of a star changing colour and shape at random. Watched this thing for 2hrs roughly slowly moving across the sky. I had originally thought it was a plane or chopper but i heard nothing and it did not move. We have lots of planes flying over our house as well as the odd chopper so I’m pretty darn sure it was not either of those. Left me puzzled and slightly unnerved as this is not the firs time i have seen something like this in the same area of the sky i saw this thing tonight.

Source: Mufon # 82800

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  1. John Culver

    Fantastic footage. You are tight to cross out all of the probabilities of frequently flying area aircraft. I believe what you saw is a real UFO. I’m just and amateur of about 45 years watching these things. I believe you don’t have to be an expert to know what you see and what you see is out there. I’ve attained some NVG goggles Generation 3. There is no magnification to them, but it really brings out the stars that are behind the stars. Those are the ones that really move. Keep watching. : – )

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