Dark UFO above The Moon on 14th September 2016

New interesting photo footage of a Dark UFO recorded while flying above The Moon on 14th September 2016.

Poster said:
This past Friday evening my girlfriend and I stayed at a Resort in SW Colorado, Room 317. The following morning at 6am I got up and went to the window and was looking to the NE and this circular
object was about 1000 feet above this mesa or short mountain top, it looked like a silver sphere with a dark area in the center. It looked white and silver at the same time. I stared at it for a couple of minutes before I called out to my girlfriend to grab her camera phone and come take a picture before the sunrise. The sun hadn’t risen yet and was about to break the top of the mesa. The object had slowly started getting further away ascending at a 60 degree angle there abouts, but seemed like it was very slowly going up. Around 657am or so the sun popped out and I couldn’t see it anymore. I was not sure at first that it was not a star, when I realized it was actually hovering right behind the resort and not a star thats when i snapped and thought, oh crap a UFO honey get the camera.

Source: MUFON #70493

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