UFO lights above Evanston, Illinois on 26th September 2016

New interesting video footage of multiple UFO lights recorded above Evanston, Illinois on 26th September 2016.


Poster said:
At 7:25 pm on 9-27-2016 I looked out my window to see 5 bright lights floating over lake Michigan. specifically in front of the south street beach area of evanston, Illinois. They were initially in a linear formation and then moved to a t formation. Three of the orbs slowly broke away to form a triangle. After 30 minutes the orbs disappeared. A delivery driver coming to my home also saw the lights. There were planes flying past these lights. I have photos and video.


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  1. Richard

    Ronald Reagan’s Star Wars program armed satellites in the sky no have cameras missiles and can be flown to any coordinates these are new Bad to the Bone high technology weapons! I believe we are having some kind of a Star Wars reforger these things are moving in the sky as if we’re having our own Star Wars practice! On a clear night you can see these things moving especially with a telescope they have flashing lights on them and you can see them hovering but while they’re hovering they’re still moving around and moving maybe 20 feet at a time and then you’ll see, the Star Wars satellite, move all the sudden move from one spot a mile away move to another spot these are also along our borders to watch our borders all in 3D they can see your face and everything. I say this because I’ve been watching them have recorded them on video and also witness a SR3 flying in the mountains on the Mexican border! In one I saw was a three-sided triangle black UFO with a light on its flying very slow with no heat signature visible to the naked eye! So what you saw is our military at work Star Wars Style!

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