Disc – shaped UFO over New York on 11th September 2016

New interesting photo footage of a┬áDisc – shaped UFO recorded over New York on 11th September 2016.

Poster said:
On 9/11/2016 around 7:10pm I was with my sister driving by Central Avenue on Colonie NY on my way to Schenectady. My sister observed a brilliant light on the sky. When I looked the light was steady, didn’t move for about 3 minutes. I quickly thought it was a ufo. It impacted us and my sister parked the car and I got my cell phone to take pictures, which are the ones attached. It look like a cigar type. Then the first ufo moved and then 2 more showed up and were steady for about a minute and then the 3 of them disappeared.




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  1. Susan

    This is not what I wanted to see. It’s exactly what I saw too, but in So Cal. Sept 2016. Because of so many things I can’t grab my camera (cell phone fast enough, and personal maters) I got an app that posts the gps, day and time on all my pics. I sent some to Twitter friends. I t took me 3 days of courage to do that. Mine are untouched, a few I screenshotted and zoomed in on. I THOUGHT IT WAS A CIGAR TOO BUT THE PICS TOLD ME IT WAS FATTER IN THE MIDDLE! Cigars don’t scare me but discs do. My daughter grabbed my phone and switched it to video. in the middle of the fiasco. So I got a wacky video. Then renaming another video, I lost mine, and had to re-download it from Twitter.

  2. Bob R

    Duh…its a lenticular cloud.

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