Strange UFO sighting above Westfield, New York on 30th August 2016

New interesting photo footage of a Strange UFO sighting recorded above Westfield, New York on 30th August 2016.

Poster said:
I was returning from diving shipwrecks in Lake Erie on the Southwind. A boat owned be Osprey charters out of Westfield New York.

As we were coming back to port about 1 PM I began to take photos of the sky and horizon. The clouds were in some very interesting patterns and I was shooting all around us. Most of those photos were taken looking westerly as we were heading more or less southerly towards port.

After coming home and downloading the photos onto my desktop I spotted an object in one that I first took to be some kind of lens flare. I zoomed in on it and saw a yellow rounded shape with some kind of trail ending in an orange /red tapered tail.

Then I started to go through the photos and realized that it had started as a round yellow ball and as it got closer to the contrail in the photo it elongated. It actually intersected the contrail by traveling behind it. I have the photos I attached.

My regret is that I did not see it at the time it was happening.

I was shooting with a Canon SL1 camera on auto with a Tokina 10-17 wide angle lens. I was also on a moving boat and not looking for objects in the sky other than interesting cloud formations.

My reaction, once I began to look at the photos in sequence, was first one of puzzlement. Then wonder. Followed by hope that I had actually captured something unknown. I am open to the idea of some type of satellite re-entry or other known object.

Source: MUFON case #78820

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