Daytime UFO sighting above Tucson, Arizona on 29th August 2016

New interesting photo footage of a bright UFO sighting recorded in the daytime sky above Tucson, Arizona on 29th August 2016.

Poster said:
We were sitting on our porch which faces south. We were drinking our morning coffee. The object appeared suddenly. It was stable and quite visible.I thought it was a UFO.

Object appeared around 300 – 500 ft off the ground give or take 100ft. It simply manifested itself.It was shiny on the bottom and appeared to be changing shape. It moved from the southwest to the northwest. Then it made some very rapid movements of which the likes I have never seen before. It faded in and out before becoming clear enough to photograph. The encounter lasted at least 20 minutes. After the craft/ufo was invisible 2 fighter jets made their way to the direct flight path of the object/ufo. They came from Northeast. Moments later from the north an Apache Helicopter flew to the exact location of the sighting.The event ended.



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