Cigar – shaped UFO sighting over Ontario, Canada in January 2016

New interesting video footage of a Cigar – shaped UFO sighting recorded over Ontario, Canada in January 2016.

What do you think about the sighting?
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  1. joe o

    its a reflection from the sun below …thats why it never moved


  2. Finn Augensen

    Unless you actually have a clip of this moving object, is’s obviously the sun reflecting. A very common phenomenon. Come on people. Let’s get some real evidence. Things like this only make us lose credibility.

  3. lawrence

    So, with all the satellites orbiting the Earth, by so many countries, plus the Space Station looking down and around the Earth, how come no one picking out the myriads of UFO sightings, the same ones all humans on Earth are seeing and photographing with their IPhone 6s? How come the air farces of Canada and USA do not send up aircraft to intercept? Is this a joke? Bullshit? news never hits the TVs nor the newspapers.

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