Strange Alien force moves cars on the road in China in November 2015

What you will see in this video is rally strange. Some Alien force moves the cars on the road in China in November 2015.

What do you think about the sighting?
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  1. Helen

    If the video was allowed to be shown to the end you would have seen a cable that had got caught up by the truck on the other side of the road as explained in the below segment. Please report the COMPLETE story as not doing so diminishes your credibility.

    It is believed the truck on the right-hand side of the road hooked a loose cable that had been left strung across the eight-lane road.

    As the lorry moved down the street, the cable tightened and subsequently lifted up the vehicles in the other lanes.

    The cable theory explains why the vehicles are lifted progressively higher off the ground, the further they are from the truck.

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