Daytime UFO sighting over Dunnigan, California on 17th October 2015

Interesting video footage of a Daytime UFO sighting recorded over Dunnigan, California on 17th October 2015.

Poster said:
Unedited Witness Testimony: I was in Dunnigan, California, driving home from work. I seen a flashing light as I was taking my exit to county road 1, I had thought the blinking light was a radio tower, until I seen it slowly rising., and noticed there was no pole beneath it. I pulled off to the side of county road 1 exit, and began filming the object with my Iphone 4, At first, the light was blinking through the clouds. About a minute and a half later, it had risen above the clouds and was slowly moving in the north direction, over me. At this point, I was able to see the object in person. It was a perfect black saucer shaped object, with a bit of a triangular pointy tip in the front. By then, I was in shock. I felt like my brain was telling me no, yet my eyes were telling me yes. The scariest and most unbelievable part for me, was the lights. The lights were blinking in a circular motion, one after the other, making a full rotation around the saucer, exactly like the ones you would see in a movie, or cartoon. I was feeling anxiety by now, honestly wondering if it noticed me. The whole movement of the saucer was simple. All it did was hover in the sky from about 40 ft from the ground, until it was above the clouds. It hovered in a straight line. Its hard to describe how far away it was from me, maybe about a football field away. I was able to see the chiseling detail of the ship, and the lights were picture-perfect clear. There was no blur. After about 2 minutes it was slowly gliding/flying/hovering over my car, close enough so I could see the bottom of the ship. I then turned off my camera, and drove home. I fully regret leaving so early, as I wanted to see what it did next. Oh well, my mind was racing, I was in shock, and in dis-belief. What I saw was not an airplane, nor a helicopter, nor anything average. I was watching this object sit in the sky for over a minute. It was a saucer shaped ship, with a point. The lights were perfectly clear in person, and the moved around the ship similar to a casino light, or lights you would see in Las Vegas for example. Unfortunately my Iphone 4 could not zoom in while recording, and I wish I had taken some zoomed in pictures of it, and it was a poor quality video. It was a beautiful thing to see, yet way to shocking and too futuristic for me to comprehend it correctly.

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