UFO sighting above Sunnyvale, California on 11th October 2014

Video footage of an interesting UFO sighting recorded above Sunnyvale, California on 11th October 2014.

Poster said:
I seen a blue beam shoot down from the sky and as it came down the slower it was. I lost sight of it because of the neighbors mobile home in front of me. As I went to unlock the my front door my son had told me that their was a light and I noticed that the mobile home across from me their was a ball of light just hovering a foot from the roof. Then a second ball of light came from the back of the neighbors roof from across of us. So their were now two balls of light then two more came and lit up. Now their were four balls of light flashing at us. But they were in a perfect formation lined up with each other. I went and grabbed my cell phone and started to record this event. I was able to record it and also was able to see more in the video then I was able to see in real life. I then got scared stopped recording and went inside my home.

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