Alien Patterns: Drone buzzes crop circles in Adygea, Russia on 11th June 2015

New interesting video footage of a Crop Circle in Adygea, Russia found on 11th June 2015.

Poster said:
Drone footage captured a series of mysterious crop circles in a wheat field in the Republic of Adygea, after they appeared over the weekend. Local residents were puzzled by the appearance of the alien patterns. Six rings of different sizes adorn an otherwise bog-standard field of crops. The largest circle is 13 meters (42 ft) in diameter. Similar crop circles have been discovered in the region three times in 15 years. Popular explanations cite aliens and electromagnetic radiation as possible causes. There also remains the possibility that the circles are man-made.

What do you think about the sighting?
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  1. james baxter

    If you have any idea what this crop circle is saying you it will respond to you if you create another crop circle to the left or right of this one. Crop circles are the only way they will
    communicate to avoid alteration of a message or misinterpretation. Try using just your language.

  2. Kevin Carney

    Mmm, look’s to me , like there are trails. Leading in to each of these circles. The creator’s could have used same trial, to walk out.

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