UFO sighting formations over Sydney, Australia on 9th May 2015

New interesting video footage of two UFOs recorded while hoveringĀ over Sydney, Australia on 9th May 2015.

What do you think about the sighting?
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  1. xander

    Playing devil’s advocate…. but it could be 2 Chinese lanterns strapped together. I am not saying I don’t believe this man’s statement. But to me… not the ufo sighting that would convince me if I wouldn’t be a believer. And I AM a believer. But this one doesn’t beat physics. It shows 2 light sources stepped to one and another. No ufo to me! Sorry!! The paters they move towards one and another are just to random and too predictable.

    • xander

      Btw…. why don’t I get notified that my massage is placed? Or get notified of other people remarking my comment? I would love to keep the conversation with fellow believers or disbelievers going. But I’ve got a reply nor a notification that my massage got placed nor answered. Please, let me know that you considered my remark and read it!? Sincerely Yours, Xander

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