UFO filmed from airplane over Atlanta, Georgia on 2nd June 2013

Interesting video footage of a strange triangle Рshaped UFO sighting recorded from airplane over Atlanta, Georgia on 2nd June 2013.

Poster said:
These 3 UFOs were recorded in Atlanta while approach for a landing. The cameraman first thought that these were airplanes with bright lights. But after a few seconds he was suspicious. After the lights disappeared the people speculated what it could have been. Not anybody had an explanation. Science knows about these orbs but also they do not have an explanation. Apparently the crew of the airplane did not see it. Of course there are still people who believe that all is fake and nonsense but this video is new evidence or their existence.

What do you think about the sighting?
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  1. James

    I am sure that I observed some form of “tether” connecting the orbs. The only unknown in cases like this is the identity of the hoaxer.

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