Red UFO sighting above Turkey on 4th April 2015

New interesting UFO sighting photos recorded over Turkey on 4th April 2015.

Witness said:
I read today a article about a ufo above Turkey wich my girlfriend and i witnessed and photographed. We live in Greece border with Turkey.
It started at 20.40 when i was looking to the sky and full moon wich they were starting to spray from about 2 hours before. I was watching how it spread out and suddenly saw this big red dot appearing and thought thats a weird star. Soon after it started to be very bright an streching out up and down.I ran inside to take my Nikon camera and shouted to my girlfriend to see what i was seeing. I took about 60 photos in RAW files. It started to pulsate very strong for about a half an hour. The size streched out to more then twice the diameter of the moon and was very bright as it was poking thru the “clouds”.

All the event the marks of planes kept appearing till the end of the event then the sky cleared up again???? It stayed in one spot the whole time it only became taller and shorte brighter and dimmer.
It was intensely huge and bright and there.

What do you think about the sighting?
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