UFO transport near Area 51, Nevada on 21st March 2015

New amazing video footage of a UFO being transported on a track surrounded by police cars nearĀ Area 51, Nevada on 21st March 2015.

Most people think this post is Real.
What do you think about the sighting?
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  1. Scott

    most definitely not a UFO. That video is from 2012, take a look at the gas prices.

  2. B.A.Grissom

    Probably a monument or exhibition piece. If a REAL UFO would be covered and military would be thick.

  3. B.A.Grissom

    Probably bound for Las Vegas Casino

  4. Dave

    Misguided. You won’t see ufo being carried through the highway.

  5. Randy

    Thats for sure…

  6. stephen. A.Yonkoski

    Area 51 don’t forget the us goverment owns 8 cigar shaped rengineered space ships from ufo’s. an elite team of naval train men and woman that train somewhere in VA

  7. mason

    Agree a UFO would have military everywhere, And they would clear out the highway. Plus Millions of people would have seen this. Definitely not real.
    Posted by the doctor! (British accent)

  8. David

    Ye use say it would be covered mabey they have done it this way so we think it’s fake as we would expect it to be covered and heavily guarded mabey it is real but they want us to think it’s fake we will never no

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