UFO sighting above Worscester, UK on 8th March 2015

New amazing UFO sighting photo recorded in the daytime sky above Worscester, UK on 8th March 2015.

Witness said:
Just before i left to go to work (19.00) there a star like light speeding across the sky but it was not flashing and no other lights present with it, was travelling faster than a plane twice as fast i would say. Then when I was driving back from work (22.04) there was a bright white light beaming down, it was about 100 yards away from me, hovering about 20 ft in the sky, it was so bright it lit up the outline/underneath of the object it was coming from. It was like a 3D triangular metalic ship almost floating above me, I stopped in my car to look at it in the pitch black clear sky and it suddenly turned bright green flame trail (Northan lights green) and zoomed off in opposite direction of the moon in a straight line, then totally disappeared in thin air leaving a steam trail behind it. When i got home 4 miles down the road i looked up into the sky and there was a steam trail/track just above the house coming from the direction i had left. Then looking up towards the moon there was a steam trail in the shape of a cross(X) glaring in the moonlight, with tornado look alike clouds spiraling down. When my partner tried to take a photo there was an orb floating in front of his camera.



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  1. Saleem

    I believe the Universe is way too immense to only contain terrestrial life-forms.
    There is very likely other far more intelligent beings the earthlings roaming space and on other planets.

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