Saucer – shaped UFO sighting above Paris, France in January 2015

paris-france-ufo-sightings-2015New interesting video footage of a saucer – shaped UFO sighting recorded in the daytime sky above Paris, France in January 2015.

Witness said:
Incredible saucer-shape UFO recorded over my house last day. The grayish object seemed to be very large, with strange lights on it. I noticed a headlight on the front of the object. It was certainly spying the area. The UFO was also slowly descending, before disappearing behind a near cloud.

Type ➫ Metallic object
Scale ➫ At least car-sized
Duration ➫ 1 minute
Color(s) ➫ Grey
Light(s) ➫ Yes
Speed ➫ Slow (approx. 5-10 km/h
Filmed with ➫ Canon 700D + 50mm F/1.8

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