Amazing UFO sightings photos from Fairplay, Colorado on 14th December 2014

New amazing UFO sighting photos from Fairplay, Colorado recorded on 14th December 2014.

Witness said:
My fiance and i were driving on hwy 285 in Colorado on are way to some hot springs for vacation.the surrounding area was very beautiful so she decided take some pictures. As she was she noticed an object on the screen she started to try to find it without using the phone and was asking if i could see anything.when she realized she could only see it through the camera screen on the phone she quickly took a couple pictures of it. Neither of us ever did see anything with our naked eyes, but in the photos it appears add if the object wad traveling vary fast, we were going about 65 mph and the pictures were taken only a few seconds apart yet threw object appears to have moved drastically. We cannot identify this and are hoping someone else can.


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  1. Erich Sutton

    With the proliferation of digital video technology the mystery of the UFO has deepened. Never before has there been this ability to compare ideas and events on such a monumental scale and as a result proof of continuity of the UFO phenomena is now undeniable! With the internet and state of the art video recorder availability this new social medium may very well finally resolve one of the greatest mysteries of all time! This is a Great Time to be alive!

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