UFO sighting above San Mateo, California on 6th October 2012

Interesting photo footage of a bright UFO sighting recorded in the sky above San Mateo, California on 6th October 2012.

Witness said:
When I was looking at (West) through my camera (cause I don’t see it with my own eyes), I spotted glowing white (through my camera) so I took a picture (see attached). When I upload it on my laptop & zoomed in I saw this cigar white glowing shape, not only that, when I moved my cursor around the screen I noticed that there was more, bigger, & it looks like a mothership, cigar shady/grayish shape but you can see the lights around the ship. At first, I was just focusing at the glowing thing, then I looked it again few days later, I was really surprise & awe because I noticed the mothership. (I’m not that good in computer, but you need to really zoom-in the picture so that you can see the ufo’s better, the glowing white & the mothership.)

You can see the mothership on the pictures (“normal” shots), don’t forget to zoom-in: the first 2 pictures, it’s on the upper right side, above the glowing white; then the 3rd picture, it’s on the upper left side of the glowing white. On the 4th picture, I switched my camera to “Night” shots & took a picture again to see the difference, you will notice on the upper right corner of the picture that there’s amazing blue/green flying object.


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