December 2014

UFO sighting above Toulouse, France on 23rd December 2014

  New amazing video footage of a glowing UFO sighting recorded in the night sky above Toulouse, France on 23rd December 2014. Witness said: Today I filmed a strange video at 5:30 am this Monday, 12.23.2014 at about 25 km from Toulouse above the town of Auriac vendinelle. While I was not sleeping I saw a bright light […]

UFO sighting near ISS on 29th November 2014

  New interesting video footage of a bright UFO sighting recorded on ISS live-cam while passing by on 29th November 2014. Witness said: One of the best NASA videos of a UFO was just captured on film from the ISS on 11/29/2014 It shows an object heading past the camera which is normal, but then […]