UFO sighting above Huddersfield, England on 16th November 2014

huddersfield-ufo-sighting-16-november-2014-2New interesting photo footage of a bright UFO light recorded in the daytime sky above Huddersfield, England on 16th November 2014.

Witness said:
Spotted Huddersfield 16th Nov 4.30pm was in sky shot of high speed vanished.


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  1. Uday Dhale

    With all technical knowledge we have, an UFO sighting shall have following features.
    1. It cannot remain stationery at all. It has to move.
    2. The appearance shall be like a Satellite in the sky.
    3. If it approaches nearer it will travel and look like an Aircraft (speed wise and not shape).
    4. If it tries to land, it need to use some technology like a Helicopter or retro rockets.
    5. The intelligent beings shall always avoid to land in densely populated areas.
    6. The source of these UFOs shall be at least a few light years away. How the occupants manage to remain alive?
    7. What can be the purpose of such visits? Shall human beings dare visit a planet with at least equally advanced beings without any fear?

    Unfortunately most descriptions do not match with above conditions. Either UFOs are using some absolutely unknown technology (to remain stationery for a long time) or to move at a very fast pace without any noise at all etc.

    I would request all to examine each sighting with this and avoid spreading false/ fake news.
    Believe me I am also dying to meet an alien.

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