October 2014

Multiple UFO sightings over Eiffel Tower, Paris in October 2014

  New amazing video footage of multiple UFO lights recorded in the night sky above Eiffel Tower, Paris in October 2014. Poster said: In this video a young girl was recording group of friends people having a good time at the famous Eiffel Tower. In the background along the horizon, you can see three UFOs flying […]

UFO sighting above San Francisco on 11th October 2014

  New amazing video footage of an amazing UFO sighting recorded above San Francisco on 11th October 2014. Witness said: San Francisco, California – 10-11-14 – I was watching Blue Angels with 100’s of people on rooftops. I used my iPhone 6 to shoot several slow-mo videos. I never got them quite right above me.  5 […]

UFO sighting over Petaluma, California in October 2014

  New amazing video footage of a UFO sighting recorded over Petaluma, California in October 2014. Witness said: I thought they were airplanes at first, but they were too close and crossing paths. I pulled the car over and recorded them on my iPhone 5 with the highest zoom.

Videos Of The UFO Experience 2014

  A tremendous surge in activity the last few weeks has enabled me to post this series once again. Some of the most interesting uploads over the last 2 months can be found on this video. Everything featured can be located below inside the description box.. Thank you all for replying to my messages allowing […]