Roswell UFO Sighting of 1947 dillema

RoswellDailyRecordJuly8,1947The most famous and important Roswell UFO sighting was in Roswell, New Mexico USA. This incident was marked with a widespread publicity owing to the media coverage and participation of government to deviate the attention from the Roswell UFO sighting. On the evening of 3rd July 1947 it’s when the first sighting occurred. It was observed by Dan Wilmot together with his wife who was sited in their house when they saw a disc­shaped bright object traversing swiftly across the sky over them.

Dan Wilmot claims were that the speed of the UFO was between 400 to 500 miles per hour and quickly traversed his skyline from the South­East before disappearing to the North­West. The UFO was estimated to be around 20­25 feet wide and had lights glowing from it. Details given by Dan Wilmot were released to the public by the International UFO Museum in 1997.

After the incident there were thunderstorms in the area and the residents saw nothing that night. However, some claimed to hear an explosion but it was presumed to be as a result of the stormy weather and not the UFO. The following morning a ranch foreman in the area went to visit the ranch and found unusual debris which he assumed to have come from a plane but was rather light though tough.

At the same time Dan Wilmot also informed the Chavez County Sheriff George Wilcox, who thought it was an army related event and notified the Roswell Army base which is an elite intelligence unit of the army. The air field officer came in the ranch and collected the debris and took it to the air field with the officer in charge issuing a press release that the crashed disk debris had been recovered and this made a spark in public interest which was countered by another army official who said it was a weather balloon.

roswellufoincidentOf the highest interest is the incident of Davis who was a young morgue attendant offering service to the army who when the debris was collected the army person asked him of the availability of small caskets that could handle bodies exposed to atmosphere change and as a result of suspicion he went to the hospital where he was dismissed but managed to see some weird stuff. He tried reaching out to a nurse who he knew and had helped doctors at the hospital conduct autopsy. The nurse informed him of some weird small people but when he tried to reach out to her she was not found as she was transferred to England.

Most information on this incident is unavailable as all the people involved and the eyewitnesses disappeared or vanished immediately the time the questioned started being asked, further raising eyebrows on the government that it was involved and are taking all measures to hide the facts of the incident at all cost. A few people who were indirectly involved in this incident still talk about the incident; however no hard proof or

information is available to the public. Roswell UFO sighting remains to be another UFO incident the governments are dedicated to protecting.

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