NBC cameraman catches a UFO was then interrogated by FBI on 22nd August 2014

nbc-camerman-ufo-sighting-2002This is a clip of a news broadcast from August 22, 2014 – NBC (KSN) Cameraman, Brandon Mallory, shot the footage in 2002. He says he didn’t notice the object when filming, but when he went back to edit the video he just happened to pause it on one of the seven frames that it was in. His television station called the police who then notified the FBI. He then claims he was “hooked up to little wires” for hours and was submitted to a polygraph. The object in the film goes behind a cloud that is estimated to be 5,000 ft in the air.

What do you think about the sighting?
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  1. Mike McLafferty

    Why is there no comments on the gentleman in red with the red laser like light in the middle of his forehead? Looks almost saucer shaped.
    I have recently basically been able to summon UFO’s at times, using my own version of that other gentleman’s steps to summon UFO’s. I truly believe in this, & that we are evolving rapidly right now, as if on a hurried up process. Possibly so theres enough enlightened humans to somewhat combat those deceivers & bearers of false witness. I’m opposed to most of what our governments are doing world wide and I believe I have a great responsibility to somehow “wake those of us sleeping” & change the destructive course we’re on. They know who’s naughty, & they know who is nice.

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