UFO sighting above Bordrum, Turkey in July 2014

turkey-ufo-july-2014New amazing video footage of a bright UFO sighting recorded in the daytime sky above Bordrum, Turkey in July 2014.

What do you think about the sighting?
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  1. robin meek

    does this clip look ;
    like a bunch of Mylar balloons to you?

  2. Uday Dhale

    I have a genuine question. Why UFOs are rarely seen in highly populated areas like India?
    Can anybody answer? We could have n number of witnesses had it been so.

  3. Uday Dhale

    In Summer of 1981 I had seen a bright star like object in the norther sky at 0900 hours at Kolhapur Maharashtra, India. It remained visible for few hours and was quite stationery. I did not have any means like a binocular or camera etc. at that time. Mobiles were not available in India then. In fact not heard of. Has anybody witnessed it? Please let me know. It has remained like an unsolved riddle for me.

  4. S

    My family and I were holidaying in bodrum, turkey,2015…. On the dragon complex…approx 38 degrees heat. Laying by the pool when just lazily looking about – people watching. Looked up into perfectly clear sky and saw a black cross in the blue sky….now this didn’t register with me for a second or two….thinking along the lines of a kite or paraglider of some sort. After about 5 seconds looked back and it was still there….no movement…looked for cables, strings, wires etc (kite) but could see none..also it just seemed to high in the sky for that. Asked my wife if she could see what I was looking at. I didn’t have to describe it because she described it to me immediately – black cross looking shape stationary, high in the sky…she grabbed her mobile (free from virgin-ahhhhhhh) took photos but they would not show the object in the pictures….. have kept the pictures but no sign of the object at all…( Just wish I’d had a real camera at the time, but I suppose everybody says that)..All of a sudden the object moved very fast to the right and stopped instantly (no slow down, instant !) At the height it was at it would have been a big distance- judging from where I was now standing….then it moved just as fast to the left, a longer distance, stopped and then just disappeared. Gone ! I still ask my wife about it to this day and she promises me she saw it as well, which I do recall her immediate description of the object at that moment which does reassure me that I wasn’t going mad…..wonderful to see…. just can’t explain it!

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