UFO sighting over Myrtle Beach, South Carolina on 23rd June 2014

myrtle-beach-ufo-23-june-2014Witness said:
Photo taken by Mike E. Asked me to see if I could get any details from the original file. I did not witness the sighting. Photo was taken while setting camera for night photography. Mike did not see the objects at that time, only when the picture was reviewed the next day. I enhanced a copy using astrophotography techniques to try and identify. Highly unusual characteristics – what appears to be a vapor or atmospheric distortion. 6th smaller light is a blown pixel – disregard. Please send this copy to a photo analyst. – AM/PM reversed in camera setup.
I have Mike’s permission to distribute.


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  1. Fred Mancuso

    Me and my family saw these orbs for about minutes. I tried to get video but my phone wasn’t strong enough but I accidentally got or video. it was entertaining beyond having four people believing they just saw something special. I can email the audio if your interested. Just contact my email or call me at 570 267 6948.

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