UFO over Eyrewell Forest, New Zealand on 20th June 2014

new-zealand-20-june-2014Witness said:
Hi, can you UFO enthusiasts please take a look at this please. I am from the UK travelling around NZ staying on a rural property in Eyrewell Forest, Waimakariri. At around 16:45 today my hostess spotted this object in the sky, at first i thought it was just the first star of tonights sky but it was way too early. After about five minutes i decided to grab my camera from the house to get a video and photos. When i zoomed in on the object it looked different, a vertical poll in the sky omitting a bright light from the center, but to the naked eye could have passed for a star but it was moving (as in much faster than a star would of course). As you can hear in the video i stepped to the side to get a shot through the trees, this was simply to (hopefully) make it easy for debunkers to see the video is genuine. Is there a explanation? was the picture i got the result of some king of light distortion? A typical glitch of a cheap camera? The model of camera is ‘CANON digital IXUS 70’  it has 7.1 mega pixels, an on the projection shell of the lens it has 5.8-17.4mm   1:2.8- 4.9, just in case it makes a difference. I have a couple of pics and 3 more videos. Let me know what you think, thanks.

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