June 2014

UFO sighting filmed over Galveston, Texas on 12th June 2014

  New amazing video footage of a circular – shaped UFO recorded in the sky above Galveston, Texas on 12th June 2014. Witness said: Multiple Texas witnesses at Galveston watched and videotaped a “silent, clear flying circle” UFO that crossed the sky, according to June 24, 2014, testimony in Case 57336 from the Mutual UFO Network […]

Two UFOs recorded over Orange County, California on 18th June 2014

  New amazing video footage of two bright UFOs recorded in the night sky above Orange County, California on 18th June 2014. Witness said: We where on our way home from Irvine and saw this light in the sky then 2 then just the one….we followed it all the way to Dana Point about 10 miles,,,then […]

Best UFO Sightings June 2014

  Witness said: Best UFO Sightings Worldwide June 2014. June was very busy and I look forward to what may happen in July. Have a great start to the summer everyone.

Triangle UFO sighting over Putney, London on 13th June 2014

  Witness said: This footage is a bit shaky at the start, It also has noise from a plane landing or taking off from the city which is not linked to the Triangle UFO. At 2minutes its clearly three bright orbs in a triangle formation, it is travelling so slow that it seems to be […]

Best UFO Sightings Spring 2014

  Poster said: In this Best UFO video compilation, we present a collection of original UFO videos that were featured on, youtube/LookNowTV, in the Spring Season March thru June 2014. In addition, we are also featuring NEW Spring, 2014 UFO sightings that were never released anywhere before in this UFO video. This UFO video features […]

UFO Sighting Over Ajaccio Corsica, France on 17th June 2014 

  New video footage of a bright UFO sighting recorded in the night sky above Ajaccio Corsica, France on 17th June 2014 . Witness said: A bright static hovering blob of light hangs in the skies over Corsica France. Slowly the UFO moves to the left behind the building in the distance. This is not a […]