Triangle – shaped UFO sighting above Albury, Austria in March 2014

triangle-shape-ufo-austria-march-2014New amazing video footage of a triangle Рshaped UFO recorded above Albury, Austria and published in March 2014.

Witness said:
This UFO sighting was filmed in Albury, Australia. You can see a triangle object moving around in the sky.

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  1. John K Roberts

    The clouds in the foreground do not MOVE, while the alleged object does. This makes the Austria video highly suspect, as are too many similar ones posted on the internet.

    CLUE: Clouds are not stationary, they move constantly and perceptively. Please, review videos for some shred of authenticity before publishing them as authentic sightings. It is a disservice to those that are seriously interested in this field and does immense harm to the entire issues making it difficult to be taken seriously by scientists.

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