Malaysia Airlines Flight MH 370 and Alien conspiracies

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Now every one know about the missing Air Malaysia flight MH370 with 239 passengers onboard. There are few conspiracy theories now spreading over the internet in the last few days while the plane is still missing.

There are some possibilities that the reason of the missing are some meteor showers, missiles and military conspiracies. There are also some explanations that the airplane was taken by aliens as an UFO or alien theory. There are believers that Aliens might taken the plane with all the passengers and transport them in some space wormhole.

There were good flight condition the day the plane went missing so it was strange why the plane suddenly disappeared. But the most strange and weird thing is that there are informations that some mobile phones of the people on the plane are still ringing. If the plane finished in the sea there wont ring any more from the time of the collision.

Wi don’t know what really happened with this passengers. But since we report all about Alien and UFO conspiracies we reported this news that we read on the internet.

What do you think really happened?

What do you think about the sighting?
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  1. dollie brown

    I think flight 370 was swooped up by a ufo,because something was in the luggage area that shouldn’t have been that was identified by aliens and the people was not aware of what the plane was carrying, therefore, they are now in the twilight zone by accident.

  2. Kelly Clover

    A UFO abduction cannot be ruled out. The abrupt change in the flight’s course could have resulted from a frantic attempt by the crew to run from the UFO and bright lights. But they were soon abducted anyway. It cannot be ruled out that the crew and passengers were taken to another planet in another solar system many light years away. The alien abductors could have decided to just let the emptied out plane continue travelling thru the air until it crashed somewhere.

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