January 2014

UFO sighting over Bangor, Ireland on 20th February 2013

  Interesting video footage of a HUGE UFO light recorded in the night sky above Bangor, Ireland on 20th February 2013. A motorcyclists garage security camera catches a UFO moving intelligently and illuminating the whole area at night over Bangor Town in Northern Ireland on the 20th/02/2013. Travelling low then ascending to move onwards! turning to […]

A pattern of UFO Communications

  A pattern of UFO communications is evident in the skies over Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Bidirectional signalling bridges earth and air to evoke signs of psychic contact taking place over a multi-year period. Two different electronic instruments register the same repeatable phenomena indicating open lines of communications from advanced intelligences cooperating in the development […]

UFO photo – Huge flying saucer over Hamtramck, Michigan on 15th January 2014

  UFO photos 2014 – New interesting UFO photo recorded in the skies over Hamtramck, Michigan on 15th January 2014. Witness said: During the evening just before a large snowstorm hit Detroit i witnessed this object from my upstairs south window. It appeared to hover over the houses. I managed to take one picture from my iTouch […]

Huge meteor or fireball over Texas, Puerto Rico on 18th January 2014

  Witness said: A huge meteor was visible from several parts of the island and its brightness was so intense that lit areas as if it were day , the Astronomical Society of the Caribbean ( SAC ) reported . The sighting was reported by several people who got up early on Saturday morning as […]

Triangle – formation UFO over France on 23th January 2014

  New video footage of a triangle – shaped UFO formation recorded in the sky above France on 23th January 2014. Witness said: I filmed a beautiful clear triangle formation in the blue sky, during a nice morning in the countryside. I’m still wondering if it’s an orb formation or one single transparent ship spying the […]

Multiple Black UFOs recorded over Surprise, Arizona on 24th January 2014

  Interesting video footage of multiple black UFOs recorded in the daytime sky above Surprise, Arizona on 24th January 2014. Witness said: I was going to pick up dinner at a pizza place on Greenway & Reems in Surprise. Traveling north on Rems I noticed 2 stationary dark objects to the NE of my location. 3 […]