Large disk – shaped UFO seen near a plane over Sydney, Australia on 4th January 2014

disk-ufo-australia-4-january-2014New interesting video footage of a disk – shaped UFO recorded in the sky aboveĀ Sydney, Australia on 4th January 2014 while flying near a plane.

Witness said:
When I filmed the plane this large cluster or Cigar shape object appeared close the Plane. This object changed slowly the shape from Spheres to Cigar then Cluster shape.The camera was using: SONY. D C R-T R V.530 Digital camera with I R 850 Infra red digital filter fitted.

What do you think about the sighting?
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  1. sharon

    This is a fake, the entire video jumps at the point of the object changing and the way it circles same as someone shining a torch on a glass background and circling

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