The Northern Lights – Canadian UFO Experience

We have all heard our share of alien stories and great movies have been made out of them. However at one point or the other you might have asked yourself. Do we have aliens living among us? This is a question that has been there for generation.

However, one thing that is common place in these stories is the sighting of unidentified flying objects or UFOs. Although mostly dismissed as stories for comic books, history has put down many sightings even in ancient times. They are just described differently; some document them as angels, demons, flying dragons and great lights in the sky etc.

Source: is no exception and although there are many photographs of UFO sightings Canada on the internet. 1967 was the year the UFO question was most relevant. Remember this is the year that Canada hosted the world expo. This went to show that Canada was a modern country and most all enlightened.

The UFO age however originated from its neighbor to the south the USA. However what perhaps best describes how the Canadian UFO experience started is the story of one of Kenneth Arnold a pilot and business man. He described seeing what is commonly known as a flying saucer on June 24 1967. While on route to search for a missing c-46 air force transporter lost near Mount Reiner on his aircraft. Kenneth Arnold recalled seeing a flash of light as he flew over the mountain side.

It was a good day to fly. No clouds just blue skies all the way. At first he recalled he was startled as he thought he was about to collide with another aircraft but there was no aircraft near enough. Then he saw another flash and this time it was clearer. He saw bright objects in formation headed in the direction to Mount Reiner from Mount Baker. He watched in dismay as the objects neither had wings or tails the way normal aircrafts did. Instead the objects were flat and had a fairly circular shape. They also travelled at incredible speed; Arnold using his watch estimated it at 2000 miles per hour. He watched for about three minutes as the objects disappeared from sight over Mount Adams.

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