Daytime UFO sighting caught over San Antonio, Texas on 1st December 2013

san-antonio-ufo-1-december-2013Video footage of a bright UFO or orb recorded in the daytime sky aboveĀ San Antonio, Texas on 1st December 2013.

Witness said:
This day was really cloudy,did not expect to have a U.F.O Sighting..As i was walking to the garage,i notice this bright glowing light by the clouds..It appear to be hovering,motionless…So i grabbed my camcorder/tripod for a closer observation..When zooming in a Metallic Orb can be observed to be Hovering..It appear to reflect the suns rays with a shadow underneath..When zooming out you can clearly see the clouds pass around it,as it hovered….At one point cloud cover became really thick..U.F.O orb could still be observed as heavy clouds pass over it…Using tripod clearly show how this U.F.O was Hovering/Motionless..As you can see on the video Stills you can clearly see it under the clouds..Sighting lasted about 30 mins..I did not hear any noise coming from this U.F.O…In my opinion this is a UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECT clearly no weather balloon/aircraft or satellite…

What do you think about the sighting?
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  1. cj

    Ufo activity 30 aircraft over san antonio 18 December 2013

  2. erich sutton

    Another alien surveillance drone! Why are they here and why do they spend so much time and effort in studying us? I know how our so called government works and that is why I don’t believe anything they say, none of it! These curious young UFO hunters are a phenomena that has the U.S. government contemplating total internet censorship. This is why John Kerry made the ominous statement; “This thing we call the internet has made it more difficult to govern.” Control is the word Kerry meant not ‘ govern’! Who is controlling our controllers? UFO videos are the early warning that American colonists recieved, The British are coming, the British are coming! To arms, to arms!

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