November 2013

UFO activity over Fresno, California on 24th November 2013

  New video footage of a bright UFO recorded while hovering in the daytime sky above Fresno, California on 24th November 2013. Witness said: Clear day. Slight breeze. camera sony trv-103 with 3x zoom lens abut 30x zoom. White object was moving east other objects moving around main craft. More than 1 witness.  

UFO activity over Melbourne, Australia on 23rd November 2013

  New video footage of a bright UFO recorded in the sky above Melbourne, Australia on 23rd November 2013. Witness said: The pilot of the jet must have seen this – I could! – Both objects travelling different courses. Watch the end for clear change of direction – Don’t think these are balloons. Anyone in Melbourne – […]

UFO activity over Jeffersonsville, Indiana on 19th November 2013

  Witness said: 11/19/2013 in Jeffersonville, Indiana. Right after sunset around 7:00 p.m. These orange orbs were amazing, they were not flickering or flashing. Like I point out my cell camera at night has a hard time focusing, and most lit objects seem to do flash. But the orange orbs were steadily lit. I could […]

UFO lights over Porto, Portugal on 12th November 2013

  UFO sightings 2013 – Video footage of bright UFO lights recorded in the night sky above Porto, Portugal on 12th November 2013. Witness said: Hey guys, my name is Vitor, and I live in Portugal, I’m sending you this YouTube link, of a ufo sighting I had just a few days ago, it was the […]

UFO activity above San Antonio, Texas on 2nd November 2013

  Latest UFO sighting 2013 – New video footage of a bright UFO recorded over San Antonio, Texas on 2nd November 2013. Witness said: As i was Skywatching using a SONY with a 950nm IR Filter…As you can see on the video using the roof top as reference point..A glowing U.F.O Orb was observed traveling […]

Crop Circle found in Ipuaçu, Brazil on 2nd November 2013

  News said: A crop circle has made ​​its appearance in the south of Brazil, exactly in the fields around the town of Ipuaçu. Journalists, TV and fans are interested in the appearance of the meaning of the formation that appeared on the night of Saturday, November 2, 2013. It sits within a field of […]