Blue UFO lights hovering above Phoenix, Arizona on 20th October 2013

phoenix-arizona-ufo-20-oct-2013New amazing video footage of a bright blue UFO light recorded in the night sky above Phoenix, Arizona on 20th October 2013.

Witness said:
On the way home while driving I looked up and thought I saw a blue light pulsating in the sky and thought my eyes may be tricking me. As I kept looking for it, it got brighter and it started to play as if it could tell I noticed it. It started pulsating brighter and hovering back and forth. I took a photo while in the vehicle. I noticed another vehicle pulled over looking up at the object as well so I knew I wasn’t seeing things. I pulled over and shot a quick video and then left for the house. It frightened me and I felt as though it knew I was watching it. It was a strange sort of feeling. Before coming to this website to post this information I did some on line searches and found some videos of past sightings in Phoenix, AZ near the same area. These videos can be found on Youtube and some are as far back as 2011. This is a first for me and I am glad I got the video, though the quality is poor since it was from my cell phone. I hope this information is helpful. Thank you and be blessed.


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  1. Kevin

    Nice video, i have found. In the sightings i have experienced. That They do like to ‘Perform’ if you are open to them. I try and send them messages. …. Thank you, for watching over us. Thank you, for allowing me, to see you tonite. …. I Always try and send Positive thoughts to them. 852015 10:00 am

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