C2CAM – Behind The UFO Phenomenon on 19th September 2013

c2cam-19-sept-2013Documentary filmmaker James Fox and screenwriter and film producer Tracy Torme talked about their forthcoming feature film 701, a documentary which explores the origins of the UFO phenomenon, and the government suppression of evidence. 701 refers to the number of cases that remained unexplained as part of Project Blue Book, the study of UFOs conducted by US Air Force from 1948 — 1969. For their new film, Fox said he interviewed Col. William Coleman, the spokesman for Project Blue Book, who as a pilot in 1955 had an encounter/chase with a flying saucer over Alabama. Along with Coleman, the passengers in his plane, who were engineers from Lockheed Martin, were all perplexed by the movements of the metallic craft, which had no signs of any propulsion.

What do you think about the sighting?
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