Best UFO sightings reported in September 2013


The best UFO sightings collection made in September 2013 on

Stunning video of multiple UFO lights hovering over a burning ship in California in September 2013

UFO sighting over Lincoln, Nebraska on 4th September 2013

Bright UFO or ORB seen over Rome, Italy on 5th September 2013

Daytime UFO video over Memphis, Tennessee on 8th September 2013

Cigar-shaped UFO over Dusseldorf Airport, Germany on 17th September 2013

Video of multiple UFOs recorded over Wittenberge, Germany on 18th September 2013

Officer on patrol captures Huge Meteor or UFO over Manning, Alberta on 21st September 2013

Long UFO discovered while orbiting Earth in September 2013

And many more can be bound HERE.

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