The biggest secret of the former Yugoslavia republic

yugoslavia-alien-1It was November of 1966 when happens something very strange near a small village of Otočec. Residents initially reported a bright red flash that lit up the evening sky before it turned in a loud bang. The official story was that there have been an Air Force plane crash of the Yugoslav Army. But the unofficial version was that there have been a UFO crash. There have been found also an alien body.

The incident attracted almost all military and secret services of the former country, but it was also forgotten very quickly. In that period there have been a complete blockage of the informations about the accident. No one reported anything in the local media at that time.

The witnesses and residents of Otoček were strongly advised not to talk about the incident with the explanation that this was a military secret operation in which was tested a new aircraft which finished badly.


There was one person, Ivan Kramer, who reported about the incident eight years ago. Ivan argues that this was an outright lie and disinformation. In fact, it was a drop of a UFO, which was piloted from an Alien. Alien remains were brought that night to the hospital of Belgrade where was held the autopsy on the body.

There were two images that recently appeared in public showed a completely different story that was told to us. What actually happened that November evening in Yugoslavia we probably will never know.

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