August 2013

UFO lights above Kilkenny, Ireland on 17th August 2013

  New video footage of a bright UFO light recorded while hovering in the night sky above Kilkenny, Ireland on 17th August 2013. Witness said: A bright pulsating object passes over Kilkenny Ireland, the UFO was hovering then starts moving slowly before stopping on last minute before continuing its course, Its very interesting footage, 4x slower […]

UFO over Cumming, Georgia on 21st August 2013

  New video footage of a bright UFO light recorded in the night sky above Cumming, Georgia on 21st August 2013. Witness said: Sitting on the front porch and noticed 2 bright lights in the sky to the south. They hovered and changed directions going back and forth. Then they would change from green to red […]

A Day Before The Phoenix Lights

  Retired Navajo Ranger speaks about a UFO sighting on the Navajo Reservation in Northern Arizona that was seen the night before the famous Phoenix Lights. The Phoenix Lights UFO event was witnessed by thousands of Arizona residents on March 13, 1997.

Google takes responsibility for the UFO sighting on 16th October 2012

  Google took the responsibility for the UFO that was seen in three states of USA on 16th October 2012. But most of witnesses that saw the UFO didn’t buy the Google story. “The photos of balloons that Google launched don’t match the video of what I saw,” Allen Epling told LEX 18 on Monday. […]

UFO seen from ISS on 19th August 2013 was just space junk

  On the morning of August 19, NASA astronaut Chris Cassidy noticed an unidentified object floating outside the space station, near the Progress cargo vehicle. He called down to Mission Control Houston and took some video of it. Was it a UFO? Not really… NASA officially said that the UFO was was just some space […]